Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration is a very common side-effect of inflammatory skin conditions ranging from acne, and razor bumps, to mosquito bites and common cuts and scrapes. This type of skin discoloration may fade over time but in many instances remains for years and even decades. Skin discoloration also becomes more prominent as the skin matures. Skin discoloration due to maturity tends to progress with time.

Skin discoloration resulting in uneven skin tone can have a dramatic effect on self-image and self-esteem. We understand this and have a special expertise in helping patients achieve improved uniformity of complexion. We first perform a Personalized Skin Care Consultation to determine the correct treatment and skin regimen for this condition. We may recommend prescription strength pigment reducing agents or a series of Chemical peels and Microdermabrasion sessions to treat skin discoloration. We may also recommend a variety of different lasers to treat stubborn skin discoloration including the Sciton Profractional and Micropulsed NdYAG. We may suggest that your daily skin care regimen contain a good sunscreen and a topical antioxidant to suppress pigment production. Our goal is to help you achieve a more even skin tone and optimize your appearance.